Friday means inspiration

What a week! I'm exhausted from the sheer boredom, it really is my own fault though I should have packed something crafty to work on. My Mr and I leave for home tonight and there I shall stay until some wonderful person decides I'm worthy of a job. It's kind of annoying being unemployed, especially when you know you shouldn't be. Fingers crossed for a job I really want though. So it's good-night London, good morning Devon.

But today is Friday and that means inspiration (as if you didn't get that from the title). Here's what's inspiring me this week.

Adore the bear/monster/fuzzy thing, it's inspiring my short film AND my fiction.

Just thought this was too good to leave out. Illustration by You Byun. She's just wonderful. <3

Listening to Lisa Hannigan a lot. Love love her voice.

Urban knitting or Knitting graffiti, who ever came up with this idea is a genius <3

I'm extremely excited as I won an envelope of pretty papers from Elise at eliseblaha: enjoy it, can't wait to hear them drop through the letterbox :)

Have a good weekend xoxo

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  1. The knitting graffiti is awesome!!! those prints are cool. Good luck on the Job, i worked in london for 4 years and LOVED every minute of it!!