In London town

I've been away for so long I've forgotten how to blog. I finished uni in May, but since then I've been on a frantic job hunt which is proving not to be very promising at all; so far I've have been asked to zero interviews. What a great way to build self esteem.
I've come to London briefly while my Mr is working here, although I feel very out of water here having spent my life in a small town in the countryside. The city is so big and driving is near impossible, I actually fear having to get in my car incase someone scratches it. My little turtle car was not made for the city! The Tube was a lot of fun and I am proud to announce that I went on multiple downward moving escalators! Now, I must explain that I have a slight aversion to escalators that move downwards, up ones are fine, but the down ones are a nightmare and for many years I have refused point blank to use them.

Trip to London
1. Overcome at least one fear. CHECK!

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